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Injection Sclerotherapy - Ultrasound-Guide Sclerotherapy (USGS)


This is a treatment process where a sclerosant (a chemical or medicine) solution is injected into the varicose or spider veins. This solution causes irritation and damage to the veins injected, causing them to shrink and disappear over several weeks to months.

Sclerotherapy is not a new treatment method but recent advances in the technique and the discovery of newer, more effective and safer sclerosants, this procedure has regained popularity and renewed success.

In Ultrasound-Guide Sclerotherapy (USGS), the sclerosant is delivered with precision into the unwanted varicose veins and also into sites of venous reflux not visible externally.

In Foam Sclerotherapy, the sclerosant solution is mixed with gas and agitated mechanically to form foam. Sclerosant foam has been found to be more effective in sealing larger varicose veins than liquid sclerosant.

Sclerotherapy remains the best method of treating spider veins and smaller varicose veins. The newer techniques with USGS and Foam are good alternative treatments for larger varicose veins when EVLT or phlebectomy are not possible.

Each vein or group of spider veins may require multiple injection sessions (up to six but usually 2 to 3) about six weeks apart to achieve the desired results.* Each session usually takes less than an hour. After the treatment, venous compression stockings have to be worn for up to one week. The patient can return to nearly normal activities almost immediately.* About 10% of veins may never disappear with sclerotherapy despite repeated injections.

Although easy and relatively safe, accurate injections into the veins are important, as accidental injection outside the vein may cause serious side-effects.

* Individual results may vary

Injection Sclerotherapy - Ultrasound-Guide Sclerotherapy (USGS)