Specialised Services


Transcutaneous Laser Treatment (TCLT)

In Transcutaneous Laser Treatment (TCLT), laser light is shone on the surface of the skin overlying the veins to be treated. This is to be differentiated from Endovenous Venous Laser Treatment or EVLT in which the laser energy is delivered directly into the varicose veins using a fibre-optic wire.

During TCLT, laser light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the red blood cells in the targeted veins. The light energy is converted to heat which causes damage to the treated veins. The damage veins shrink and disappear over several weeks.

Like sclerotherapy, several treatment sessions, about six weeks apart, may be needed at each site to achieve satisfactory clearance of the treated veins.

The procedure is carried out without the need for anesthesia. Typical procedures take about 30 to 45 minutes. There are no incisions or skin punctures. There is no need for venous compression stockings after the treatment.

TCLT can only reach a certain depth and is best for very fine spider veins to medium sized reticular veins. Larger, deeper varicose veins cannot as yet be treated safely with this as the energy required for them will be so high that it will damage the overlying skin as well.

TCLT can be used to treat spider veins on the legs as well as unsightly thread or spider veins on face and body.